Refund Request

How to Request a Refund

Email us a copy of your documentation to

When to request a Refund

Where a request to close or refund part of your OSHC is accepted by Medibank, we will refund the unused portion of your premiums where:

  • You paid for Medibank OSHC but did not come to Australia to take up studies
  • You have paid your premiums for an extended stay, but your student visa was not extended
  • You have to cease studies and leave Australia before your visa end date, for reasons beyond your control
  • You have been granted permanent resident status in Australia or have been granted an Australia visa, other than a student or bridging visa
  • You can prove you had OSHC with another health insurer during a period you held Medibank OSHC, or
  • In any other circumstances approved by Medibank and the Department of Health.

You must apply for a refund in writing to Medibank and provide us with documentary proof of the reason for the refund. Your refund will be calculated on a pro-rata basis from the effective date. A refund administration fee may be charged and deducted from your refund.

If you request the closure of your Medibank OSHC before the end of your visa and above circumstances do not apply to you, you may be in breach of your visa conditions. Medibank is required to advise Home Affairs should you cancel your Medibank OSHC.

Important information

  • If you are intending to leave Australia and request a refund, we may pay the refund into your Australian bank account so it is important you do not close your Australian bank account until after your refund has been paid.
  • If we approve your request to pay the refund amount into a foreign bank account, an additional administration fee may be charged and deducted from your refund.
  • Where you purchased Medibank OSHC through your Agent and that Agent requests a refund on your behalf, we may pay the refund to your Agent (who is then responsible for passing any payment on to you).
  • If you request a refund in respect of a payment made in the previous seven months, the refund will generally be paid back to the account from which the payment was paid.